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Does Polybuilding provide installation service?

Yes, our dedicated site installation team provide installation services on a case by case basis. For further questions, please get in touch via our Contact Page.

How important is it to install natural stones appropriately?

We can’t stress enough the importance of installing stones appropriately to enjoy the best of natural stones. For this, the installation should be carried out by a specialist or experienced installer who has dealt with natural stone. A reasonable timeline is also highly recommended for the substrate to settle and dry before installation.

Where can I install Polybuilding's stone?

Internal & external walls, floor applications, counter tops, table tops, kitchen tops, the list goes on! If you can dream it up, our team will try and make it happen!

Can I seal natural stone?

Sealing is done as an extra precaution to safeguard against staining, but this does not guarantee that the sealed stones will not be stained. You may even find that many stones may not require sealing at all. If a sealer is applied over a food preparation area, be sure that it is non-toxic. We will consult with the sealant manufacturer with regards to the type of sealer to use according to the various requirements.